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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

If that was how she was gonna use it...

...God should have never given Lucianne Goldberg a uterus:

Ignoring the infinitely more recent examples and historically consistent habit of "Conservatives" to crawl into bed with monsters and dictators:

Jonah "Sorry-assed, Doughy pantload" Goldberg reaches back 85 years to the Sacco-Vanzetti case to make a point about the wrongheadedness of liberals because of something George Clooney said.

Mr. Goldberg, let me remind you it was a conservative president who authorized the decision to use the CIA to overthrow a democratically elected leader in Iran in August of 1953, replacing him with a tyrannical dictator who was more friendly to American business interests, It was another conservative who decided that putting Saddam Hussein on America's payroll was a good idea and that genocidal dictators in Central America were good allies. It's a conservative president now who, through his blind stubborness and rampant incompetence, has inflicted as much if not more misery upon Saddam's former subjects than the mad dictator himself did when he was the lap-dog of Reagan and Bush the Elder.

Does the name Islam Karimov ring a bell to you, Jonah? Friend of Bush, boils dissidents alive. Anything?

Next time you're in DC, ask Director Negroponte is the phrase "flying nun" brings up any other associations besides bad television shows from the 60's

Prescott Bush + Fritz Thyssen = Bush Family Dynasty.

Jonah, while you're at it, ask Henry Kissinger why he's not welcome in Chile.


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