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Monday, January 23, 2006

Chris Matthews would be right at home with the ho's on East Van Buren

From the "Open Letter to Chris Matthews" blog which was born in the wake of his decision to shoot his GOP-whore mouth off, we see a few shining examples of why the "Liberal Media" has been a myth for ages:

  • MATTHEWS implies Al Qaeda is 'trying to get people to vote Democrat for president.' He asks Democratic Senator Breaux: 'Doesn't it put your party in a terrible position of having al-Qaeda rooting for you?' (Hardball, 7/18/04)

  • MATTHEWS accuses Democrats of "perhaps exploiting" the death and destruction in Iraq (Hardball, 11/1/05)

  • MATTHEWS says Bush sometimes "glimmers" with "sunny nobility" (Hardball, 10/24/05)

  • MATTHEWS suggests Bush may "belong on Mount Rushmore" (Hardball, 12/16/05)
  • MATTHEWS argues that the U.S. went into Iraq "for altruistic purposes" (Chris Matthews Show, 9/25/05)

  • MATTHEWS insists "everybody sort of likes the president, except for the real whack-jobs" (Hardball, 11/28/05)
  • MATTHEWS recites GOP talking points during fight over Bush's judicial nominees, describes Democratic efforts as "just sort of pouting and bitching" (Hardball, 5/18/05)

  • MATTHEWS levels baseless charge against Democratic efforts to complete intel probe as "disingenuous," "using crocodile tears" (Hardball, 11/1/05)

  • MATTHEWS describes Supreme Court debate as division between strict constructionism versus the "loosey goosey" liberal approach (MSNBC, 10/3/05)
  • MATTHEWS praises Bush for a "brilliant" speech, before it was delivered, while attacking Democratic critics as "carpers and complainers" (MSNBC, 11/30/05)

  • MATTHEWS falsely attacks Democrats for accusing Alito of being "lenient on the mob" (Hardball, 10/31/05)
  • MATTHEWS praises John Roberts' confirmation as "miraculously successful" (MSNBC, 9/29/05).

Good lord, if he's gonna fellate the White House and the RNC with that much enthusiasm, you can just see the strands of saliva and other fluids glistening off of his lips and the hear bad 70's porn music in the background

Sweet jeeezus, does he gag? Does Karl push down on his head?

And since the Clinton Blowjob is the only presidential scandal for which he can muster any ire, maybe it'd be better frame the issue of his sycophancy to Bush by asking Chrissy-boy when he's getting fitted for that blue dress

Happy suck day, Matthews.


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