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Friday, January 27, 2006

F'ing with Gonzo

Fucking with Gonzo

Between taking various agents of the US Department of Justice off of more pressing matters to resurrect the great government wankathon that is the investigation of pornography, Gonzales' DOJ recently pressed the three major internet search engines to turn over their search logs mainly under the fear that somewhere, someone might be looking at stuff that might make Baby-Jesus-as-envisioned-by-the-Bush-crowd cry (or jack off)

So far, Google has fought the DOJ on tbis and refused to turn over their search logs

IN the event that google eventually accedes to the request, it is my goal to have Google's search logs filled with just enough hits on enough bizarre and outlandish shit that blurs the line between porn and politics that it confuses the crap out of whatever bunch of swinging bureaucratic dicks gets called in to actually analyze the logs

So, with that in mind, please click the following links to really give the Ministry of Love something to ponder:


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